Put a plan in place that will serve as a bridge for your family when they will need it the most.

The PPS Bereavement Plan℠

Providing The Bridge Your Family Needs

  1. The PPS Funeral or Cremation Plan℠

  2. The PPS Bereavement Fund℠

  3. The PPS Bereavement Care ProgrAM℠

After reading about each component, we think you will agree, that while it is a difficult subject, you would definitely leave your family a LEGACY by having this plan in place so that they may carry on peacefully in your absence.

I was so grateful that my father left such a wonderful legacy. He made sure that everything was taken care of so that as a family, we were not burdened emotionally or financially.
To alleviate any anxiety, he made sure that all of the decisions for his final arrangements were instructed and paid for in advance.
— Ken Potalivo