There are somethings you do WITH your family...
There are somethings you do FOR your family...
Advance Planning is something you do FOR your family...
So that you can enjoy spending time WITH your family,
Knowing that they are well taken care of!
— Michele Miranda

Advance Funeral or Cremation Planning Is Easy!



There are Only 3 STEPS:

  1. Gathering Basic Information

    This information is necessary for completing a death certificate. These are basic details that you can answer easily, such as your date of birth, your social security number, where you were born, where your parents were born, how many years of schooling etc., however at the time of a death these facts are difficult for your family to remember.

  2. Stating your Final Wishes

    Make your final wishes regarding cremation or burial clear, so that your children do not have to carry the burden of making this decision on their own. Often times, family members have differing opinions which cause tremendous dissension among families, this discord is prevented when your final arrangements are made in advance.

  3. Determining an Amount for your PPS Bereavement Fund

    The last step is to pay for your arrangements in advance so that your loved ones aren’t worried about financial circumstances or disagreements. Since this fund pays out within 48 business hours, your family will not have to worry about where the money will come from to pay for your services. This fund also allows your family to manage ANY and ALL EXPENSES immediately following death beyond the funeral or cremation services.  


two options for PLANning

  1. We will help you select A SPecific FUNERAL HOME

    • specific PLANning

      • Select Exact Services & Merchandise for your Final Wishes, i.e. Casket or Urn

      • Pre-Paying Allows You to Prevent Your Funeral/Cremation Costs From Increasing

    • WHAT to KNow

      • Is the Funeral Home you’re selecting Family Owned & Operated OR Corporate?

      • If you were to move, is your Pre-Paid Plan Transferable to ANY Funeral Home or must you remain within a Specific Funeral Home Network?

  2. We will OFFER you a plan TO BE USED at ANY Funeral home

    • specific or GEneral Planning

      • Select Specific Service/Merchandise OR Be As General As You Want Without Making Specific Casket or Urn Selections

      • Pre-Paying Allows You to Set Funds Aside that will GROW TAX FREE to Pay For Your Final Wishes as well as Additional Expenses at the time of death


      • The PPS Funeral or Cremation Plan℠ can be used at any Funeral Home!

      • If you were to move, your Pre-Paid Plan goes with you wherever you go!