Prevent Your Family from having to ask the question:

Who Is Going To Pay For This?

Setting Up A Bereavement Fund Is Simple!

There are Only 2 STEPS:

  1. determine an Amount of money your family will need

    From the moment a death happens, until the death certificates come in, access to funds is limited for your loved ones.

    In addition, which family member will need to be the one to take on the accounting of such expenses after a death and before the life insurance check arrives or the estate is settled?

    There is an easy solution to this dilemma. Set up a PPS Bereavement Fund℠ and have immediate money available for your loved ones to take care of continuing expenses until the estate can be settled. Having a specified amount set aside for these expenses in advance, can prevent chaos or distrust among family members.

    This fund will pay out to your beneficiary(s) within 24-48 business hours once the funeral or cremation arrangements have been signed for. This life insurance policy pays out WITHOUT A DEATH CERTIFICATE for these immediate needs.

    Create an Estimate for a Bereavement Fund℠

  2. decide on a method of payment for the bereavement fund℠

    There are several ways to create your PPS Bereavement Fund℠. Payment options include, lump sum payment, 3-5-7-10 year payment plans or utilizing a 1035 Life Insurance Exchange.

    request payment options for a Bereavement Fund℠

    creating my personal BEREAVEMENT fund℠