Prevent Your Family from having to ask the question:

What Do I Do Next?

At the time of losing someone we love, grief prevents us from operating at our normal capacity.

Pre-Planning Solutions, Inc. (PPS) offers practical assistance for your loved ones immediately following a death.

A Certified Copy of the Death Certificate is generally required to complete each transaction of business however, it is often not required to request the claim forms necessary to file for benefits.

PPS or one of its affiliates will facilitate the process of taking care of the 12 Steps below that will need to be handled in a timely fashion.

The PPS Bereavement care program℠

1.       Set Appointments with Key ADVISoRS

       ➢ Estate Planning Attorney       ➢ Financial Advisor      ➢ CPA and / or Tax Preparer

2.       Notify Financial Institutions and Credit Card Companies

3.       Notify Social Security (800) 772-1213

       ➢ Request a Phone or In Person Appointment – Discuss Survivors Benefits

4.       Notify Veteran Administration Office (800) 827-1000

       ➢ Order Presidential Certificate via the VA Form 40-0247 - Must Submit Copy of DD214

       ➢ Inquire About Life Insurance Policy with the VA

5.       Notify Employer

       ➢ Request Final Pay Check and Inquire about Possible Vested Vacation Time Accrued

       ➢ Inquire About Employee Life Insurance Policy or Union Death Benefits

       ➢ File for Pension or Annuity Benefits

6.       Notify Life Insurance Agent(s) or Companies

       ➢ Request & File Insurance Claim Forms

       ➢ Cancel Policies that are Not Needed such as Medical Insurance

       ➢ Change “Named Insured” on Active Policies such as Auto Insurance

       ➢ Change Beneficiary Name on Active Policies for All Surviving Loved Ones

7.       Notify Post Office

       ➢ Request Stop or Redirecting Mail at the Post Office

       ➢ Remove Name on Advertisers’ Mailing Lists - Deceased Do Not Contact List -

8.       Notify Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

       ➢ Clear Drivers License or Identification Card

       ➢ Return Disabled Person(DP) Parking Placard – Must be returned within 60 Days

       ➢ Transfer of Owner Vehicle(s) and Maintain Registration on Vehicle(s) until transferred

9.       Notify Utility Companies

       ➢ Water & Gas & Electric

       ➢ Phone(s) and/or Cable Company

10.       Cancel Subscriptions

       ➢ Magazines

       ➢ Memberships

11.       Notify Doctors & Dentist

12.      Provide Grief Support Options