Bridges in some cases will make a journey easier, and in other cases will make the journey possible.
— Michele Miranda

Pre-Planning Solutions® will help you create a bridge that will assist your family from the moment of death until your estate is settled.

Bridging this gap will offer your family emotional and financial support to carry on during the critical months following your death.

The PPS Bereavement Plan℠

Providing The Bridge Your Family Needs

  1. The PPS Funeral or Cremation Plan℠

  2. The PPS Bereavement Fund℠

  3. The PPS Bereavement Care ProgrAM℠

After reading about each component, we think you will agree, that while it is a difficult subject, you would definitely leave your family a LEGACY by having this plan in place so that they may carry on peacefully in your absence.

I was so grateful that my father left such a wonderful legacy. He made sure that everything was taken care of so that as a family, we were not burdened emotionally or financially.
To alleviate any anxiety, he made sure that all of the decisions for his final arrangements were instructed and paid for in advance.
— Ken Potalivo